Sunday, March 6, 2011

"App of the Month"

 5-0 Radio Pro...

An absolute must have app for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Dr. James Leung has done it again with this nicely configured radio scanner program. The app has a multitude of police, fire and emergency frequencies from all over the U.S. and a number of international links as well. Browse the top 100 or search for your own local action, ( the coverage is extremely thorough ). With a good conventional radio scanner you're still limited to whatever is within your reception range, but if you've got a wifi connection or 3G service ( iPhone ) you have virtually unlimited range.

                                                  "Google Maps"

Useless Item Cropped From Image
Notable features include Google maps, a 10-code directory, and even the ability to record the action. 5-0 Radio Pro also has numerous "bonus feeds" including aircraft, railroad and NOAA weather frequencies, not to mention a plethora of internet radio feeds and even Howard Stern, ( I guess we just haven't lived until we've heard Stern utter his usual phrase "show me
your tits honey" on our iPods...)
Not a fan......of Stern that is. My level of respect for a man is, in part, inversely proportional to the amount of time he's obviously spent "F"~ ing with his hair, divided by his cerebral maturation since 7th grade, I mean come on already...   


                             A "Location Specific" 10-Code Directory

The app doesn't have features such as trunk tracking or active scanning of multiple frequencies and therefore isn't a complete Rf scanner replacement, but for the casual user, or to monitor specific channels, this application is quite good...      

With it's slick interface, (you can add your own skins) and extensive frequency coverage, this is a $1.99 well spent ...(a free version is also available). A big "Thank You" to the hundreds , if not thousands of radio enthusiasts who monitor and stream these live feeds onto the net. Check out Radio Reference and listen on your home PC.  Peabody is now 10-42 and becoming a 10-56....over and out...


  1. I agree, this is a really cool app! I'm using it on my iPhone 4 with wifi and 3G, both work great. I can't get LAPD on my bearcat here in Gatlinburg :)

  2. 50 Radio is currently much more stable on my iPod 4g than the buggy "Police Scanner 2" @ 4.99! I use "Police Scanner Pro" on my android HTC Incredible, works fairly well so far.